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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008

Today, I give thanks to God Almighty for all the blessings of life I enjoy; a loving wife, three wonderful children, a caring family, and the means to sustain it all. More importantly, He has given me the choice of spending eternity with Him which I have taken by accepting Jesus as His Son, my Savior and Lord!

Now, for the political side of the story …

Chuck Norris poses the question today, “Is the government’s observance of Thanksgiving a violation of the separation of church and state?” (Read his entire letter here.)

My simple answer … NO!

The First Amendment reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I highlighted the first phrase because, it seems that for the last 60 plus years, it has been virtually ignored by those who echo the mantra “separation of Church and State”. The focus has been on a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists.

I challenge all who read this to read the First Amendment very carefully and then read the letter and history of the letter used to erect the “wall of separation” that has grown over these last 60 plus years. Then, decide for yourself what you believe is correct.

I have taken that challenge. And, you know where I stand!

Here are the necessary links …

Also, you can read all of the Thanksgiving Proclamations given by Presidents and the Continental Congress here.


It’s my money … and yours!

November 25, 2008

It is amazing how many people want our money.

The Federal and State Governments – depending on where you live – take our money and give it away like there is no tomorrow. As this article suggests, we are treated like an ATM.

And, in these financially difficult times, what does the Government do with the money the take from us?

First, they bail out various financial institutions to prevent them from failing, with Citigroup being the latest. Then, we have the Big 3 Auto Makers asking for their chunk of the pie. Now, we have California and Ohio asking for a chunk of the Federal Pie since what they are taking is apparently not enough.

The National Debt (debt clocks here and here) is growing at an astonishing rate. And, as pointed out here, it is going to continue to grow.

Now, the push is for a second stimulus package. But, some suggest a tax cut would help the situation far better than a stimulus package.

I favor the tax cut. With a tax cut, I get to keep more of my money with every paycheck. This will give me some breathing room in my budget. A stimulus check will give me a one-time chunk of money that does not help my month-to-month budget.

Let us keep more of our money!

Citizen Soldier …

November 23, 2008

I keep seeing this video when I go to the movies. Whether they are members of the National Guard or any of the Armed Services, soldiers deserve our support and respect. They, like Policemen and Firemen, are often putting their lives in danger for us!

Here is a great video for us to reflect on.

3 Doors Down – Citizen Soldier lyrics


Eliminate the legal institution of marriage …

November 15, 2008

Finally, someone else is putting forward the idea I suggested here, the idea of getting the State out of the marriage business. Read the opinion piece by Douglas W. Kmiec’s titled “A proposal for compromise on Prop. 8”.

Essentially, the idea is to eliminate marriage licensing by the State and replace it with a civil union. The civil union will have all the same rights and benefits that the State confers to marriage today. No ceremony is required to establish a civil union, only the completion and filing of the proper paperwork.

Then, the religious institutions will be free to perform marriage ceremonies for whom they choose.

And, more importantly, those who believe the act of homosexuality is wrong will retain their First Amendment right to state their belief in the public square, whether they are an individual or a religious institution.

Let’s hope this idea gains momentum and actually get’s pushed through the legislative process.

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Acceptance, Not Tolerance …

November 14, 2008

I have stated before (here and here) that the goal of the gay activists is not tolerance, but utter acceptance.

Tolerance is defined as:

  • a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own []
  • the endurance of the presence or actions of objectionable persons, or of the expression of offensive opinions; []

The following references clearly show that tolerance is not what the gay activists are seeking. The articles relate how the gay activists are punishing those who supported Proposition 8.

And, as I stated before and provided examples of here, once they have redefined marriage, there will be efforts to indoctrinate our children, force churches to perform their ceremonies, and silence all opposition!

For your reference, here is the current definition of marriage from two separate sources. I have placed the wording here rather than simply linking to the definition in order to preserve them.

  • The social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc. []
  • The act of marrying, or the state of being married; legal union of a man and a woman for life, as husband and wife []


The number of States having amended their Consitution to preserve the definition of marriage as defined above is now 30. [NYTimes] [The Heritage Foundation]


Obama, Now That You Work for Me …

November 13, 2008

The following letter to the President-Elect by Chuck Norris says it all.

Obama, Now That You Work for Me (A letter to the President-Elect)


Do we really need a license?

November 13, 2008

Alan Bock suggests in the entry “Why license so much” on the Orange Punch liberty blog that the government licensing everything that is licensed is nothing more than a means to generate revenue. The suggestion is that licensing in no way really protects us.

I have to say that I agree that most of the things the government licenses serve no purpose other than generating revenue for the government.

What purpose does it serve to license a dog? Why not cats, mice, birds, rabbits, snakes or any other “pet”?

What purpose does it serve to license a car or a boat? Is the car or boat “safer” becuase it is licensed? Am I safer because the car or boat is licensed? No!!!

What purpose does it serve to license a fisherman or hunter? Neither have to “prove” their skill. One merely fills out a form and “bingo”, they are licensed.

What purpose does it serve to license a marriage? None! Yes, there is the blood test to ensure “genetic” compatibility should the couple decide to have children. But, a bad test will not result in a denial of a license.

All of the above clearly generate revenue yet provide no “benefit” to society or those being licensed. So, why do we allow the government to impose those licenses on us?

Now, like I said above, only most things we license are serve no purpose. Some do, especially those that require demonstrating expertise in the area in which the license applies.

For example …

A lawyer must pass the “bar exam” in order to be licensed to practice law. While there still is the possibility of getting a “shady” lawyer, we know that they understand the legal system if they are licensed.

A driver, pilot or skipper must demonstrate a general ability to operate the vehicle they are being licensed for. In most cases, their age and eyesight are also verified before they obtain a license. In my mind, this does serve a purpose, ensuring that those operating a car, plane or boat are minimally capable of doing such.

It is clear that in most cases, licensing is nothing more than another means to extract money from the citizenery. We need to push back on the government at all levels when it comes to licensing. We need to require them to demonstrate a clear and beneficial purpose for the license.


Policy change to allow Bible Club …

November 9, 2008

On Tuesday, October 28, the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District approved a policy-changing resolution that will allow a Bible Club to form at Esperanze High School. You can read the article in the Orange County Register here.

One of the most troubling remarks in my opinion is a remark made by Janice Wagner during discussions held earlier in the month. Wagner said, “I’m deeply troubled by all of this. Heaven forbid we have a white supremacist club form because of this.”

We should never base policy on what might happen if said policy does not exist. This appears to be what Wagner believes as she also stated, “It seems there is nothing we can do here under the policy the court has laid down.”

Our Founders explicitly protected the right to assembly in the First Amendment and did not limit the types of assemblies. We need to remember that. If a white supremacist group forms, so be it. That is what freedom is all about. We are free to assemble as we choose and some assemblies may make us uncomfortable. But, if we restrict those assemblies from forming, then we cannot assemble either, thereby sacrificing a right specifically protected by the Founders of our great nation.

Let’s not sacrifice what the Founders fought for!

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Linux VM Alternative …

November 6, 2008

I recently found andLinux. andLinux is a Linux distribution based on coLinux, a port of the Linux Kernel that allows it to run cooperatively along side another operating system. In the case of andLinux, you can have an Ubuntu based distribution that runs along side Windows

I have added a page titled andLinux Installation. This page details the process I took to install and configure andLinux for my environment. You can use this as a guide to install it into your own environment.

I use this environment for development purposes. However, you will quickly find that you can use andLinux for normal activity as well.


No On 8 to blame for passage?

November 6, 2008

A gay couple is blaming the No On 8 campaign for passage of Proposition 8 on Tuesday. You can read their comments here.

One comment that struck me was made by Robin Tyler. She said the No On 8 campaign was “not strong enough and they were homophobic by hiding gay people and not showing us”. I doubt members of the No On 8 campaign were “homophobic”. But, she does provide an example of how homosexuals will use the term “homophobic” whenever they disagree with “anything” concerning homosexuality.