Policy change to allow Bible Club …

On Tuesday, October 28, the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District approved a policy-changing resolution that will allow a Bible Club to form at Esperanze High School. You can read the article in the Orange County Register here.

One of the most troubling remarks in my opinion is a remark made by Janice Wagner during discussions held earlier in the month. Wagner said, “I’m deeply troubled by all of this. Heaven forbid we have a white supremacist club form because of this.”

We should never base policy on what might happen if said policy does not exist. This appears to be what Wagner believes as she also stated, “It seems there is nothing we can do here under the policy the court has laid down.”

Our Founders explicitly protected the right to assembly in the First Amendment and did not limit the types of assemblies. We need to remember that. If a white supremacist group forms, so be it. That is what freedom is all about. We are free to assemble as we choose and some assemblies may make us uncomfortable. But, if we restrict those assemblies from forming, then we cannot assemble either, thereby sacrificing a right specifically protected by the Founders of our great nation.

Let’s not sacrifice what the Founders fought for!

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