It’s my money … and yours!

It is amazing how many people want our money.

The Federal and State Governments – depending on where you live – take our money and give it away like there is no tomorrow. As this article suggests, we are treated like an ATM.

And, in these financially difficult times, what does the Government do with the money the take from us?

First, they bail out various financial institutions to prevent them from failing, with Citigroup being the latest. Then, we have the Big 3 Auto Makers asking for their chunk of the pie. Now, we have California and Ohio asking for a chunk of the Federal Pie since what they are taking is apparently not enough.

The National Debt (debt clocks here and here) is growing at an astonishing rate. And, as pointed out here, it is going to continue to grow.

Now, the push is for a second stimulus package. But, some suggest a tax cut would help the situation far better than a stimulus package.

I favor the tax cut. With a tax cut, I get to keep more of my money with every paycheck. This will give me some breathing room in my budget. A stimulus check will give me a one-time chunk of money that does not help my month-to-month budget.

Let us keep more of our money!


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One Response to “It’s my money … and yours!”

  1. kariann5678 Says:

    We need to question where I money goes? From the top to the bottom it seems like everyone is getting a hand out except the American tax payer.
    From multi-billion dollar corporations to the wel-fare mom that abuses the system but no one says anything why aren’t we mad? My nieghbor woman 3kids three different daddies medicaid, food stamps, and housing paid gets a stimulus package she all ready gets the tax payer dollar. She won’t go back to work because she has a new born millions of mom’s going back to work after having children. Let’s give a coporate bail out to Citi bank they already screwed up.

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