Once again, we pay!

So, the Democrats in California have figured out a way to get around the two-thirds majority required by the passage of Proposition 13 back in 1978 (California Democrats devise plan to hike taxes). And, once again, it is we, the taxpayers of California, who must “sacrifice” due to their inability to properly manage the funds they already take from us.

It is common sense that balancing a budget requires one thing, “don’t spend more than you take in”. This applies to personal budgets and should apply to government budgets as well. However, it seems that when a person takes their seat as an elected official, they lose all common sense.

Californian’s recalled Governor Davis because of the budget deficit. The budget deficit is much bigger. The citizens have or are facing the possibility of losing their jobs. The recession is getting worse. Home values have “crumbled”. And, now, the Legislature is looking to the citizens to bail them out.

What will Californian’s do this time?

Time will tell …


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