California Adds More Laws …

The following links identify some of the new laws in California that take effect on January 1, 2009.

The question is, do we really need all of these laws?

Personally, I think the Legislature has too much time on their hands. To make themselves feel useful, they come up with all of these laws, no matter how “silly” they really are, rather than addressing the real issues of this state.

I believe it is time to go back to a “part-time Legislature”.

In 1966, Proposition 1A was passed which created a “full-time Legislature”. Yes, Jesse Unruh believed Proposition 1A was the way to solve the problems he found, specifically the inability to address complex issues and eliminate potential conflicts of interests and the influence of lobbyists. However, I believe there are other ways to solve those issues.

  1. Make the pay “sufficient”. We all must be paid for the work we perform.
  2. Restrict all forms of “gratitude” from lobbyists.

I don’t think we can do anything about their inability to address complex issues. As we have seen over the last several years, they can’t even manage to get the budget under control even with the “special sessions”. The only way to solve that is for us, the citizens of this State, to elect individuals who WANT to solve those problems. Most who are elected today are concerned about the environment, a woman’s right to choose, animal rights or other such things that don’t help solve the bigger problems. So, it is up to us to choose our representatives wisely if we are ever going to get out of this mess.

In the meantime, getting back to a part-time Legislature will be a step in the right direction.

Here are a few articles on the subject for your edification.



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