Who says one vote doesn’t count?

Jim Winder retains his seat on the Yorba Linda City Council by a single vote. Once again, we see how important it is that everyone votes.

Ed Rakochy called for a recount which was completed yesterday. The final tally was 11,950 for Mr. Winder and 11,949 for Mr. Rakochy. The OCRegister article covering the final results can be read here.

Ed Rakochy stated in the article, “I think you’ll see a lot of improvement and a lot of reform.” I hope we do.

However, as I’ve said before, I am concerned that the goals of the group (YLRRR) will overshadow the desires of the community. As we saw in the election and in the first meeting on December 2, they are not afraid to push people aside if they don’t wholly agree with group. In the election, they did not support Henry Wedda after they supported his appointment to the Council in 2007. Then, in the first meeting where YLRRR had a majority of the Council, they passed over Jan Horton for the Mayor position and did not allow her to serve on any of the paid board positions.

We all must keep a close eye on what they do over the next two years!



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