What Type of Government Does America Have?

Is America a Democracy or a Republic?

I believe many today will say they believe America is a Democracy. And, in many cases, it seems that way. However, America is a Republic.

The following video does a good job of explaining the differences between the common forms of government. And, it helps to remind all of us that America is a Republic.

The American Form Of Government

Please watch the video above. And, if you want to learn more, please read the following.

Declaration of Independence
(This should be mandatory reading for everyone. I try to read this every Fourth of July.)

Constitution of the United States
(This should be mandatory reading for everyone. I have read this several times.)

Journal of the Constitutional Convention of 1787
(I have read many parts of this historical record from James Madison.)

The Federalist Papers
(I have read many of the articles that make up the collection.)



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13 Responses to “What Type of Government Does America Have?”

  1. shawna Says:

    Thank you Michael for your very clear video on America’s governement. Visually, it helps me understand our government more. Thank you for also emphasizing the importance of law and balance. It makes me really think more about how precious uor government is and for us to absolutely “keep it”.
    Thank you

  2. Michael Burns Says:

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I believe there are many people out there who do not understand that we are not a “democracy” where a simple majority rules, we are a Republic. I also know there are many today who have never read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States. I am simply trying to do my part to encourage others to “learn”.

  3. Imelda Says:

    hay thanks you realy helped me on my home work of AP U.S. history and you also gave me questions and a discution to discuse with my teacher it realy awesome info.

  4. Michael Burns Says:


    Glad I could help. That is the whole purpose of putting up things like this video. I believe there are too many in this country (the US) who don’t really understand how our government is “supposed to work”. And, because they don’t understand, the government is “failing us” today!

  5. Someone Says:

    Never take AP history, most of the time its an anti-american class. Careful if you do, it tries to persuade you against your own country.

  6. bob hieniken Says:

    ur blog is complocated. i dont know if it is arepublic or a democrocy. plese just give me the answer straght.

  7. Michael Burns Says:

    @bob hieniken

    The government for the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic.

    You can read more about a Constitutional Republic on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitutional_republic.

  8. ur face Says:

    thx it really healped

  9. Bob Says:

    Why aren’t more people reading your blog? I am a man about your age and it amazes me how many people refer to our country as a democracy. I hear many politicians refer to it as a democracy and they should know better. What do you think is going on? I have corrected friends and some of them look at me as almost unamerican. When you talk to people one generation in back of us, most don’t have a clue. We very seldom here the word Republic. Do you think we are losing it? I hope not because it has served us well. Not perfect but it works. Any ideas, I am open. I am not as afraid to open my mouth now days.

  10. Michael Burns Says:

    Hello Bob.

    I haven’t been keeping this blog up to date. That is probably one reason more people aren’t ready it. I have my own site now at http://michaelburns.name, but I am only writing an article every month or so.

    One of the issues today is that few people have read the Constitution and even fewer understand what it really does. Most know that it “protects rights”, yet they clearly don’t understand what those rights are. They definitely don’t understand how the Constitution was designed to “limit” the power of the Federal Government as most today look to the Federal Government as the “solver of all problems.”

    All we can do is help people learn. That is why I put up this video.

    I also let people know that I read the Declaration of Independence every Fourth of July. And, I will start reminding people that September 17th is Constitution Day and ask them what is it’s significance.

    Thank you for your comments!


  11. Gene Says:

    Hello Michael, I am a 64 year old male who reads a lot and I find your blog really interesting. It is very easy to understand and informative. You have reignited my interest in government and our own politicians could learn from your writings. Thank you for the time you devote to this.

  12. Junior Says:

    This is the perfect web site for anyone who would like to find out about this topic.

    You realize a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually
    will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a brand
    new spin on a subject that has been written about for ages.
    Wonderful stuff, just great!

  13. Troll cat Says:

    Thanks this is so useful for our school project on government types

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