Proposition 8 – the facts …

I was reading a news article (here) about the California State Supreme Court’s ruling validating Proposition 8, the California Marriage Protection Act. While reading the comments to the article, I came across the following:

“If California did not want gay marriage then all of this would never have happend and those who are married now would have never been offered the chance…. so think about the facts.”

The implication of the statement is that California “wants” same-sex marriage. I disagree, so I responded with the following:

The facts are:

1) In 2000, Californians passed Proposition 22 stating that marriage should be between one man and one woman.
2) Those who want to redefine marriage took the issue to court. And, in May of 2008, eight years later, 4 of 7 judges in the California State Supreme Court voted to overturn Proposition 22 and allow same-sex marriage. The State Supreme Court also denied a request to “stay” the decision until Proposition 8 was decided later in the year.
3) In November of 2008, Californians again declare that marriage should be between one man and one woman by passing Proposition 8.
4) In May of 2009, the State Supreme Court rules that Proposition 8 is valid. And, even though some disagree, the Court had no choice but to let approximately 18,000 same-sex marriages remain recognized because they did not grant the stay requested after their earlier decision.

Those are the facts.

Same-sex marriage is an issue in this State because a group of individuals who want to redefine marriage have made it an issue. And, the group has been successful in achieving their goals using the Court system. However, each time it has been presented to the voters of this State, the voters have been clear that they do not want marriage redefined.

Marriage is not a right. Historically, it is a religious ceremony joining one man and one woman in “holy matrimony”. Today, not only is it a religious ceremony for most, but the State uses it as a “legal instrument” to confer “benefits” to those who are “married”.

Personally, I believe the State should come up with another legal instrument to confer those “benefits” and leave marriage to the religious institutions. This will allow the State to grant the legal instrument to both traditional unions and same-sex unions without redefining marriage. I think this would best serve both sides of this issue.

I would love to see the proponents of same-sex marriage pressure the State to come up with a legal instrument other than a “marriage certificate” to confer the rights they are seeking. The State and the Federal Government need to get out of the marriage business.

Will that happen? Considering this article, it looks like the fight is moving back into the court system.

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One Response to “Proposition 8 – the facts …”

  1. Patricia Says:

    I am a 69 year old widow. I explain that so nobody thinks I’m anything other then a straight senior citizen. I have no dog in this hunt. I moved to California 31 years ago and fell in love with the climate, the people and the state. When I read about the fight being put up by the prop 8 supporters I have to wonder why? Surely same sex couples are also American citizens – most of them taxpayers – and shouldn’t be treated any differently than hetero couples. Marriage between same sex individuals does nothing to disturb the marriages of hetero couples. Religion? Not really…couples can get married by judges, sea captains, etc. marriages do not have to happen within any church or be presided over by people of the cloth…at least that’s how I see it. I voted against prop 8 (as I voted against prop 22) simply because it was really none of my businesss AND far be it from me to needlessly impress my beliefs on others! I think if more people took that path instead of constantly trying to impress their beliefs on others we would ALL be able to fully participate in this wonderful state – on an equal level – and not a step above or a step behind! Other states are allowing same sex marriage. Its only a matter of time before it becomes the law of the land. Why rile up hate and the feeling that one is “superior” to another? It makes no sense to me!

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