Sofware I Use

Below is a compilation of the software I use on a daily basis. Most of these are either open source software or freeware. There are only two pieces of software that I pay for, Quicken to manage my finances and TurboTax to file my tax forms each year.

  • FireFox – Internet Browser (replacement of Internet Explorer)
  • Thunderbird – E-Mail (15 accounts to date)
  • Liferea – Linux based feed reader
  • OpenOffice – Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation
  • PasswordSafe – Password Management (nearly 200 records)
  • Raven – Blog editor (support multiple blogs)
  • andLinux – Linux distribution that runs in Windows
  • TrueCrypt – Disk encryption software
  • PC Tools Firwall – Firewall for Windows
  • avast! 4 Home – Anti-virus Software for Window
  • YPOPs! – Provides POP access to Yahoo! Mail
  • CallStation – Telephone Answering System (paid $35 5 years ago)
  • VirtuaWin – Provides multiple desktops similar to Linux
  • FileZilla – FTP Client software (I use the server as well.)
  • Pidgin – Instant Messaging client (supports multiple protocols)
  • Audacity – Sound recorder/editor
  • GIMP – Image manipulation program (like Photoshop)
  • 7-Zip – File archiver (spports multiple types of archives)
  • Vim – File editor
  • GnuPG – Data encryption and signing
  • Subversion – Version control system
  • TortoiseSVN – A Windows shell extension, Subversion client

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