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Some of the side jobs I work on …

November 4, 2009

Here are a couple of samples of the work I do on the side. I do work on the side to keep my skills up to date. And, most importantly, I make sure these jobs do not interfere with my regular work!

Air Raid Siren – This is a piece of software, still in its infancy, that will help users become aware of possible threats when using wireless hotspots. It is written in C++ using wxWidgets, a cross-platform class library.

Tab Jewelers – This is a commercial web-site I help set up for a friend. It is still in its early stages and product is being added on a continual basis. The site is based upon Zen Cart with modifications made according to the desires of the store owner.


Linux VM Alternative …

November 6, 2008

I recently found andLinux. andLinux is a Linux distribution based on coLinux, a port of the Linux Kernel that allows it to run cooperatively along side another operating system. In the case of andLinux, you can have an Ubuntu based distribution that runs along side Windows

I have added a page titled andLinux Installation. This page details the process I took to install and configure andLinux for my environment. You can use this as a guide to install it into your own environment.

I use this environment for development purposes. However, you will quickly find that you can use andLinux for normal activity as well.